Makeathon automatica Munich

The best remedy for a lack of specialists? Enthusiasm.

One of the biggest problems in the industrial domain is the lack of skilled workers. This is why automatica offers multiple formats dedicated to supporting young talent. A perfect example: Playground. This project introduces students of at least ten years of age to technology through games. The goal: arousing sustained interest.

How to arouse enthusiasm for technical professions among youngsters to make a meaningful contribution to safeguarding the sector’s future? The successful Playground development project for young talent has a consistently playful approach that revolves around having fun and reducing any reservations participants may have.

Students craft, program and solder in small groups at staffed stations as they learn about the basics of robotics and automation. Quick results and the recognition of one's own potential is what motivates Playground’s participants.

The project will take place on two days – December 9 and 10, 2020 – and is presented in cooperation with the “Technik macht Spaß” (technology is fun) foundation of ITQ. The independent engineering and consulting company with a focus on automation, mechanical engineering and plant construction is committed to training and professional development and specifically aims to address children and teenagers with this format.

Free Friday for students

In order to address as many future engineers as possible and to inspire them to pursue a career in the sector, admission on Friday, December 11, 2020 will be free for students. The “Free-Friday-Ticket” can be obtained online and on site free of charge by presenting a certificate of matriculation, training contract or student ID.


Makeathon automatica
Supporting program
More than a competition: the perfect recruitment environment.

The automatica Makeathon is the perfect opportunity to create awareness for companies among young talents and to fathom their skills at the same time.

automatica Makeathon
automatica Start-Up Arena
Supporting program
Start-Up Arena—The latest in Technological Innovation

Newcomer know-how for the implementation of innovative projects within the start-up arena.

Start-Up Arena
Recrutainment automatica
Supporting program

The escape game “The Traveler” introduces youngsters to the requirements of robotics and automation in a creative and dynamic way.